COVID Vaccination certificates

Regarding certificates or evidence about your COVID vaccination status GPs cannot issue a certificate to demonstrate your vaccination status. Please see for further information. Proof of your vaccination status will be available in the NHS app from 17th May 2021, and in some of the other apps that provide you with Patient online services. 


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Care Navigator

Jose Peacock

We have a new role within the practice which allows us to provide coordinated person-centred care and support. Care navigation is an emerging idea in the UK, with growing evidence demonstrating benefits for patients and carers. Josie works closely with the GPs to act on behalf of them if they do not need to be involved. With Josie acting as the middle person for a number of things such as hearing aid referrals, patient and carers support and district nurse communication, this frees up some of the GPs time to focus on other areas of support for patients.