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Antenatal Care

Telling your GP and/or Midwife promptly will help to make sure you receive maternity healthcare that takes into account all your health needs and preferences. You can book a telephone appointment with your GP as soon as you know that you’re pregnant.

It’s best to see them as early as possible to obtain the information you need to have a healthy pregnancy, and because some tests, such as screening for sickle cell and thalassaemia should be done before you’re 10 weeks’ pregnant.


The Midwife works with the Doctor to give care to women having a baby, both before birth and for ten days after the baby is delivered.

The role of the midwife

A Midwife is a qualified nurse who has undertaken further training to provide and promote normal midwifery.

They help you to prepare for motherhood and promote good health for yourself and your baby by advising on the effects of drinking, smoking and good diet whilst you are pregnant.

The Midwife guides you through your pregnancy and endeavours to detect any problems and make relevant referrals if necessary.

Your antenatal care

If you are newly pregnant, you are asked to make an appointment with the community midwives by calling St Georges Ward Directly on 01491 826037 instead of via the GP as previously. This appointment will include some screening blood tests. The midwives request that you make this appointment before you are 10 weeks pregnant. 

The unit is located right next door to Wallingford Community Hospital which houses St George’s Ward, the Wallingford Midwife Led Unit. Mothers whose pregnancies are deemed low risk can choose to deliver at the MLU which is always a popular choice.

More information is available on their website.

Wallingford Maternity and Birthing Centre
Wallingford Community Hospital
Reading Road
Wallingford OX10 9DU

Tel: 01491 826037

Helpful information about pregnancy can be found here

Postnatal care

We offer all women and their babies an appointment at 6 weeks after the birth. This appointment is an opportunity to review how you are recovering and to deal with any outstanding problems.  Contraception can be discussed at this appointment if you wish. The doctor will also examine your baby. You will be offered an appointment for your baby to have their first set of immunisations with the practice nurse when they are 8 weeks old.

You may find it helpful to have read the leaflet about contraception after having a baby before coming to your appointment.

Further information about the immunisations given to babies is available here.

Birth to Five information