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Minor Illness Clinic

Please note that under the current changes to our working practice due to the pandemic, patients who might previously been seen in the Minor Illness clinic will instead be offered a telephone appointment with our Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Mrs Lynne McEwan, or their doctor.

These are nurse led clinics for patients with urgent conditions that need to be seen the same day but do not necessarily need to be seen by a doctor. The nurses running these clinics, Kathy Hicks and Carys Davies, have been specially trained and work closely alongside the duty doctor. If a prescription is required, the nurse is able to arrange for this. For details of the problems that the nurses can see and treat, see below:

Chest symptoms:Cough, wheeze, breathlessness
Ear symptoms:Including pain and deafness
Eye symptoms:Including itch, pain, stickiness and redness
Flu like illness:Cold, fever
Gynae problems:Discharge
Skin symptoms:Any rash, itch, spots
Throat symptoms:Including pain, difficulty swallowing, swollen glands
Urine symptoms:Cystitis, burning, pain, passing urine frequently