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Contraception and Sexual Health


All of the GPs can give advice about the different contraceptives and prescribe contraceptive pills and injections. Sister Hanna Smith has a special interest in sexual health and contraception and has completed extra training in this area.

Intrauterine devices or ‘coils’

Nurse Hanna Smith is trained in the fitting and removal of intrauterine coils.  If you wish to have a coil fitted, please arrange a telephone consultation with her to discuss this further and arrange an appointment for insertion.


Nurse Hanna Smith is trained in the fitting and removal of contraceptive implants. Please phone or ask at reception for an appointment for an implant assessment where they will counsel you further and arrange an appointment for insertion.

Pill checks

Once you are established on a pill, you will be asked to attend at least annually for a pill review which involves checking your blood pressure and reviewing your health to ensure that the pill continues to be the best option for you.  All our nurses are able to do these checks for you.

Contraceptive injections

The depo-provera contraceptive injection is given every 3 months. If you have not previously had this form of contraception from us, we ask that you make an appointment with a doctor or Sister Hanna Smith to start it.  Our nursing staff are able to give all subsequent injections.  The person who gives you the injection will give you a date for your next injection and it is important you record this and make your appointment in advance to prevent a risk of pregnancy.

All forms of contraception and sexual health services can also be obtained from the sexual health clinics in Oxfordshire.

Emergency contraception

If you have had sex without using contraception, or think your contraception may have failed, you can have emergency contraception.

All doctors and nurses at the practice can assess your need for emergency contraception and prescribe for you if necessary.  Please ask for an emergency appointment, and ask to have an appointment with the duty doctor if no appointments are available with your own doctor.  You do not have to give details of why you need an appointment.

You can also obtain emergency contraception from many pharmacies, the local sexual health services, and the out of hours service by calling 111.

Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing 

If you are concerned about sexually transmitted infections, you can look at the website for Sexual Health Oxfordshire for advice about postal self-test kits, telephone and face to face appointments. Alternatively you can speak to your GP.