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First Aid Unit

The First Aid Unit is now run by the staff of Wallingford Medical Practice and operates out of the normal surgery building between 8 am and 6.30pm

The First Aid Unit formally operated by Oxford Health at Wallingford Community Hospital is now closed and the service is now provided by Wallingford Medical Practice, for all local residents, whether or not you are registered with the practice. During the pandemic, if you have a minor injury requiring advice or treatment, please contact the surgery by telephone. You will be booked a triage telephone call with a suitable member of staff, who will call you back and either give telephone advice or ask you to attend the surgery for an appointment that day. Please avoid coming to the surgery without an appointment. Our urgent care doctor and nurse will be alerted to your need for urgent first aid advice and will endeavor to call you back promptly and by operating this way we can have a safe waiting room space for all our patients.

This service can assess and treat simple injuries that cannot be managed with a home first aid kit, such as:

  • Insect bites and stings
  • Cleaning and dressing of simple wounds
  • Minor burns and scalds
  • A foreign body in the eye
  • Minor head injuries – bumps to the head where there has been no loss of consciousness
  • Simple sprains
  • Animal bites

There is no x ray facility at Wallingford, so if a fracture is suspected then you will be asked to attend the Minor Injuries Unit at Henley or Abingdon. You may also be asked to attend a Minor Injuries Unit if your wound is considered to need suturing.


Outpatients Department
Townlands Hospital
York Road

Tel: 01865 903755

This service is available seven days a week, 9am to 8pm.


Urgent Care Centre
Abingdon Community Hospital
Marcham Road
OX14 1AG

Tel: 01865 903476

This service is available seven days a week, 10:00am to 10.30pm.